As he handed me the keys he smiled and asked, “So, Mr. Michaels whatd’ya think,now ? Am I the best in Jefferson?” And then he held his head back and laughed. I said, “No, Mr. Hicks you are the best, period.”

I had driven all night long to get from Des Moines to Louisville.

I had an 11:00 AM appointment at a bank in Bardstown, Ky which was about an hour’s drive outside of Louisville. It was 8:00 AM as I drove into Jefferson,Indiana which was just across the Ohio River from Louisville. I had two hours to kill and I was bone tired.

I stopped at a 7-11 and got some more coffee and then I got the bright idea to have my car washed, as having a crystal clear windshield was one of my old road warrior tricks to make myself feel less tired.

I asked one of the locals if there was a place I might get my car washed in Jefferson at that time of day. He said, “You go down the road here a couple of Blocks and see Mr. Hicks. He’s not cheap but he’s the best.”

So I got in the car and found my way to Mr. Hicks. I told Mr. Hicks that a man down the street had told me he was the “best” in Jefferson. Mr. Hicks got kind of a puzzled look on his face and said, “Did he say I was the best in Jefferson or did he just say I was the best?” I asked him if that made a difference and he replied, “I’m not one to brag but folks around here usually say that I’m hands down. the best detail man there is, period.”

By this time I really began to get interested in seeing just how good this Mr. Hicks really was. We got our business out of the way and Mr.Hicks started working on the car as I watched.

He started by rinsing the car down with some rain water which he had collected in a barrel. He then went on to just dazzle me as he gave new meaning to the word detail. In his back pocket he had 4 different sized tooth brushes which he wielded with the skill of a surgeon.

As Mr. Hicks was working on the car about 4 or 5 people came into the shop just to watch him work. One said to the rest of the spectators that had assembled, “That Mr. Hicks sure enough knows how to detail a car.” The crowd nodded in agreement as Mr. Hicks continued to work his magic on my ride while his audience looked on in amazement.

Mr. Hicks was all over that car rinsing and washing, and scrubbing and buffing. He explained to me that he made his own car wax from his secret patented formula. He said, “Store bought wax just doesn’t do the job.”

When he finally finished I swear the car looked at least 50% better than it did when it was brand new. It didn’t just sparkle, it almost seemed as if Mr. Hicks had brought the car to life. I was amazed at the talent of Mr Hicks.

As he handed me the keys he smiled and asked, “So, Mr. Michaels whatd’ya think ? Am I the best in Jefferson?” And then he held his head back and laughed.” I said, “No, Mr. Hicks you are the best, period.”

This man had accomplished every artistic or aesthetic goal I have ever had in music with a chamois, a barrel of rainwater, four toothbrushes, some homemade wax and a genuine desire to do his very best. I’ll never forget Mr. Hicks. He is truly an artist.

Gary Michaels is the Founder/Executive Producer of MTI Studios and Gary Michaels Online. Since entering the Brand Syndication field in 1980 he has produced Syndicated Branding Campaigns for over 5,000 local and regional advertisers throughout the US, Canada,New Zealand and Australia. (Photos by Thinkstock)

Our work is national quality. Our clients are local advertisers.

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About garymichaelsonline

Los Angeles Music & Brand Syndication Producer. Founder of MTI Studios and Gary Michaels Online.Studied Music Composition at the University of North Texas. Worked as staff Music Arranger/Composer at Columbia Screen Gems Music Publishing. Worked as jingle writer and producer with Rod McBrien Productions in New York.
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